"COOKIES & CANVAS" Acrylic painting workshop for ages 11- 14!  "Folk Art Owls!"  Thursday Jan. 3, 12:30- 2:30, canvases, paints, and cookies provided! $20/ child.  Must be pre-paid.

"COOKIES & CANVAS" Acrylic painting workshop for ages 9 and up!  "A look into Impressionism!"  Friday Jan. 4, 10- noon, canvases, paints, and cookies provided! $20/ child.   Must be pre-paid. 

8 WEEK ART SESSION #1: JAN. 7- MARCH 9 (includes the make up week).  See below  for ages, times and fees.

SPRING LITERATURE BASED WRITING CLASS, 12  WEEKS, 5TH- 8TH GRADE: Jan. 8, 15, 22, 29, Feb. 5, 12, 19, 

     26, March 5, 12, 26, April 2.  $180.00, $50 sibling discounts.   6 openings.  Book selection: The Narnia Series.

8 WEEK ART SESSION #2:  MARCH 25- MAY 25 (includes the make up week).  See below for ages, times and fees.

SUMMER ART CAMPS:  $160, $20 sib discounts, and if your child takes more than one camp, the second one is HALF PRICE!

June 10- 14: BASIC SKILLS WOOD WORKING CAMP  (ages 10- 14).  Learn how to use basic wood working tools and            make simple joints such as a butt joint and a dowel joint as you design and build your own bird feeder or house (choose one!),  a box with hinged lid,  a wooden bench, and an art supply or tool box made from reclaimed wood.  Nothing is a kit!  

June 17- 21:  Ages 5- 9: "Art Spark!"  Spark your child's creativity with this camp that will inspire them to try new mediums          and techniques while using their imagination!  Paint, work with clay, experiment with various sculpting techniques, draw,            and much more!

June 24- 28:  Ages 10- 14: Graphic Arts Camp!  In this camp, your child will learn about and practice age old printing                        techniques! Intaglio, mezzotint, wood cuts, lithographs, monotypes, and multi color lino cuts will inspire your art minded              child to develop their skills and imagination and will take their learning to a whole new level!  Some of the techniques will be      adapted for safety reasons while being kept as authentic as possible.  Each technique will be discussed in connection with an          artist or time period for further enrichment and inspiration!  

July 8- 12: WOOD WORKING CAMP level 2 (ages 10- 14): If you've taken Wood working with me before, this is the camp      for you!  I'm still working on the project list, but rest assured they will be new, challenging, and super cool!

July 15- 19:  Ages 5- 9: Clay for Kids!  A week long camp of working with many different kinds of clay!  Earthenware, polymer clay, paper clay and more!  I may try to get a visiting artist to attend... working on this!

July 22- 26: Ages 10- 14: "SCULPTURAL CREATIONS!"  In this camp, your older child will take sculpting to a new level as they work with glass (stained glass if I can find someone to come do this for us, or if I can learn it myself), designing and creating a fine, detailed mosaic using small, colored glass pieces, pebbles or shells (choose one!), a free form concrete planter, plaster hand casting, something (not sure yet) using colored resin, and one, nice clay piece that will be hollow and have cut out areas so a tea candle can be placed inside.  The kids will also work as a group to make a large, horse themed relief sculpture made from metal that will be donated to Serenity Saviors Equine Rescue and Therapy Center.  

July 29- Aug. 2: Ages 9- 14: "DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE!" An Art Adventure in Wonderland!  Our Art Adventure will include the following main projects:  Three (or more) Tim Burton style sculptures using polymer clay, earthenware clay, and plaster relief, a Steam punk creation based on a character of your child's choice, one planned out and gently guided canvas painting, a Digital Poster which I'll have printed for your child, A "Tea Time Table, card people, a Mad Hatter's hat, and more!!  Snacks for this week will be Alice in Wonderland themed, and the ice cream each day will be small vanilla cups to go with the themed snack. :)


*Both classes are Literature based Writing classes.  Kids will read, and write! The reading selection for each class is listed below. 

DATES: Aug. 27, Sept. 3, 10, 17, 2, Oct. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Nov. 5, 12

                   JUNIOR INKLINGS, Grades 6 & 7, Tuesdays 1- 3:00.  $180/ child, $50 sibling discounts.

Books: Not selected yet.

                  TEEN INKLINGS, Grades 8 & 9, Tuesdays 3- 5:00.  $180/ child, $50 sibling discounts. 

Books: To Kill A Mockingbird, and The Giver.


8 WEEK ART SESSION #3 (FALL):  SEPTEMBER 9- NOVEMBER 9 (includes make up week)


MONDAYS:  Art and Drawing 1, ages 7- 9, 10- 11:30, lunch and play time till noon, $150, $20 sib discounts.

                            Advanced Art and Drawing 5 for ages 15- 17, 12:15- 3:00, $160.00, $20 sib discounts.  Student must meet

                            certain criteria to join this class regarding a combination of age, maturity level and skill/ experience level.

TUESDAYS: Art Start, ages 5- 8, 10- 11:15, $10/ child/class- pick and choose your dates, or come to all 8! ($10 sibling discount IF your kids are signed up for all 8 classes.)

WEDNESDAYS:  Art 2, ages 9- 11, 11- 12:30, $150, $20 sib discounts.

                                     Drawing 2, ages 9- 11, 1- 2:30, $150, $20 sib discounts.  

THURSDAYS:   Art 3, ages 11- 13, 11- 12:30, $150, $20 sib discounts.

                                  Drawing 3, ages 11- 13, 1:30- 3:00, $150, $20 sib discounts.                              

FRIDAYS:  Art 4, ages 13- 15, 11- 12:30, $150, $20 sib discounts.

                        Drawing 4, ages 13- 15, 1:30- 3:00, $150, $20 sib discounts.

SATURDAYS:  11- 12:30: DRAWING FOR AGES 13- 17.  $150, $20 sib discounts.